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Contact with more than 500 companies and 2000 products through an only contact in Rioja.

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About TREBEKI Combining Efforts in Rioja

Business Contacts

‘TREBEKI Combining Efforts’ gives you the contacts that you need in order you get to know people with professionals or companies from our region.

Our company gives you added value in this matter; a big knowledge in the different economic sectors let you to have access directly to the business web of Rioja through only one contact.

Professional Visits to Rioja

Managing your stay in Rioja, seeding the contacts more appropriate to your needs, organising a planning of activities… are some of the services that our company puts at your service.

We plan and organise personalised visits to different areas of interest in Rioja; wineries, feeding, footwear, furniture, auxiliary motor and aeronautical industry and other companies, culture, tourism, etc. following always the best viewpoints for your needs.

The stance of our professionals in the different sectors of the region will make easier the obtaining of your objectives.



Combining Efforts


> For professional sectors and companies that develop activity everywhere

> For professional sectors and companies that develop their activity in Rioja

Benefits of ‘TREBEKI Combining Efforts in Rioja’

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